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Black Apple Hitchcock 710 Special Pack


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Quick overview:
T.H.Seeds™ introduces a Limited Edition 710 special pack of Black Apple Hitchcock feminized! 7 seeds of Black Apple Hitchcock and 1 seed of French Macaron for the price of 5. In limited edition packaging, numbered from 1 to 710. From the T.H.Seeds™ Bastards Line:BLACK APPLE HITCHCOCK FEMINIZED! The most Dark, Dank, Evil, Cali Bud you have ever laid your eyes on. After massive customer demand, one of our most popular, best selling regular limited strains EVER is now finally available in feminized form. Black Apple Hitchcock feminized 710 Limited packs only available while supplies last.
  • Genetics: Grape OG X Sour Apple IBL
  • Height: 120cm - 160cm
  • Yield: 450g - 600g p.s.m.
  • Flowering time: 8-9 Weeks
€90.00 Price:
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Grape OG X Sour Apple IBL
60%Sativa - 40%Indica
8-9 Weeks
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Hints of creamy, apple candy gelato slowly fill the air. You catch a glimpse of a bud. The colors are amazing! Could it be true... Did it finally happen? ... The suspense is killing you.... Were T.H.Seeds™ and Shiloh finally able to do it? SUDDENLY! Revealing itself is the most Dark, Dank, Evil, Cali Bud you have ever laid your eyes on. From the T.H.Seeds™ Bastards Line: BLACK APPLE HITCHCOCK FEMINIZED! After massive customer demand, one of our most popular, best selling regular limited strains EVER is now finally available in feminized form. The Black Apple Hitchcock feminized from the T.H.Seeds™ BASTARDS LINE is a great overall plant, easy to grow with truly unique flowers, colors, smell and taste. Brand new flavors like you have never experienced before. She is medium to tall with good internode spacing for light and air flow, she is not too leafy and the leaves are big and colorful. Most of the testers were between 130-140 cm with the tallest around 160 cm and the smallest around 120 cm. The Black Apple Hitchcock feminized is not too wide but can become quite chunky if topped multiple times. She grows really nice with good sized lateral flowers as well and is perfect to trim and easy to harvest. The buds are dense like an apple with all the apple colors you can possibly run into on an organic market: green, yellow, reddish, black, it's an amazing mix in one plant. The resin twinkles like a star, it makes incredible water hash and dry sift. Easy to manicure, almost no leaf, the size of the buds is perfect, not too small and not too big. She's just perfect. Black Apple Hitchcock from the T.H.Seeds™ BASTARDS LINE is one of our new favorites. Everything went perfect during the testing. We love the Black Apple Hitchcock feminized's overall great qualities and its resistance to mold and insects, vigor and structure. And don't forget her amazingly unique creamy, apple candy gelato taste and mellow, creative effects. After keeping her fans in suspense for such a long time, we are very excited to finally release her: from the T.H.Seeds™ BASTARDS LINE: Black Apple Hitchcock FEMINIZED is finally here!

Additional Information

Additional Information

Quantity 8
Sex Feminized
Plant height 120cm - 160cm
Genetics Grape OG X Sour Apple IBL
Yield 450g - 600g p.s.m.
Indica/Sativa/Hybrid 60%Sativa - 40%Indica
Flowering Time 8-9 Weeks
Flowering Type Photoperiod
Taste Apple, Candy, Cream, Gelato
Effects Calming, Creative, Mellow, Pain Relief, Relaxing
Black Apple Hitchcock 710 Special Pack

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