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All seeds are sold as souvenirs to be collected for educational purposes and for protection of the cannabis genetics

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Drop Seeds Not Bombs


During the course of its 25 years of existence, T.H.Seeds™ has built a reputation for creating the highest quality award winning Cannabis seeds.

T.H.Seeds™ was founded in Amsterdam in 1993 by Adam and Doug and is one of the oldest and most renowned Cannabis seed companies in the world. We are known for classic strains like Original Bubblegum, S.A.G.E.™ and MK-Ultra™. T.H.Seeds™ has developed a large and devoted following of breeders, growers, medical and recreational users by focusing on quality, flavor and strength. T.H.Seeds™ has built its reputation on old school genetics, but is also known worldwide for its new strains. Our most successful new FIRE strains are: French Cookies, Underdawg™, MOB™ and Strawberry Glue, as well as two medicinal strains that are held in the highest regard in the industry: La S.A.G.E.™ CBD and S.A.G.E.™ CBD.

After 25 years in the business, T.H.Seeds™ is as active as ever sourcing and breeding the next generation of powerful and flavorful medicinal Cannabis. Our most recent introductions are French Macaron (Gelato 33 X French Cookies) and Citron Givré (Birthday Selected). Check www.thseeds.com regularly for new releases of strains that will raise the industry standards once again.

T.H.Seeds™ is driven by a passion for Cannabis. For over 25 years we have followed one simple philosophy: 'To Protect Genetics and Serve Mankind'

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Pot Culture

For more than 25 years T.H.Seeds™ has been part of something bigger than just breeding legendary Award Winning Cannabis Strains. T.H.Seeds™ has played a fun and creative part in the transition of (medical) marijuana from underground counter culture to over the counter Pot Culture.

Pot Culture Collage


T.H. Seeds Seed info

Here at T.H.Seeds™ we are continuously fascinated by what could be nature's greatest miracle, the Cannabis plant. The world of extreme close - up photography presented itself as another, largely unexplored way to show its intricate details and mind blowing shapes and patterns.

Trichomes in close-up like you have never seen them before. And close-ups of all stages from germination to floral maturation. It's all here in the Cannabis Botany by T.H.Seeds

T.H. Seeds Trichomes info
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to join us on this visual trip from seed to dry flower.