T.H.Seeds® at spannabis 2016

May 5th, 2016

It was a warm sunny day in Barcelona, where groups of “stoners” were lining up outside of the Fira de Cornellá, to enter the Spannabis,  the 13th edition Hemp Fair – which has now consolidated itself as the most important Spanish Cannabis event of the year. Every year Spannabis generates bigger and bigger interest from visitors coming from all around the world. The growing interest in this huge event lead to more than 34.000 visitors this year. Nearly 500 companies, including the biggest brands in the industry set up their elaborate booths to promote their products and strains. It also distributes the prizes of the Cannabis Champions Cup. The tournament for elite national and international growers.

The show started at noon and it felt like a new mecca for marijuana merchandise, with the same positive vibes as there were a few years back at The High Time Cannabis Cup in Amsterdam. Over the next 3 days the fair would host numerous events, including the Third World Conferences (WCC) as well as many informative, entertaining lectures. It's always fun to greet the arriving group at our T.H.Seeds® booth and share our past work and future ideas with them.

It was such a thrill to gather together and catch up with good old friends or talk shop on the latest strains, innovations and growing technique. We hung out with Matt from the House of the Great Gardener, Thomas from Serious Seeds, Moises from Canámo magazine and legendary breeding expert, Shantibaba. Last year T.H.Seeds® teamed up with the CBD Master Shantibaba and the CBD crew to develop the highest 1:1 THC/CBD ratio strains.We also gave away 20 of our highly limited edition Drop Seeds Not Bomb prints which included a numbered Hemp certificate for their clubs and shops.


The big award show was held on Friday night when the judges announced the winners of the various cups and medals. As far as the Expo awards went, T.H.Seeds® proudly got the title for best Indoor Hydro category, and we received the 1st place trophy.

Before entering our strains, we stayed up in the Basque country for 3 days where we picked our best and finest buds. The final decision came down to 2 of our famous strains, Underdawg Kush and Chicle aka BubbleDawg (a cross with Original Bubblegum and Chemdawg). It was a hard choice for our team, however it proved to be a very good decision because in the end we picked the winner, Underdawg Kush!


Underdawg Kush, from the original Chemdawg family, is a feminized only strain. Alongside the OG Kush and the Sour D, Underdawg Kush produces awesome big frosty, kushy buds. It is moderately easy to grow and a perfect strain to get you some fine buds for the winter months. This strain is also perfect for the indoor grower who just wants some clean kushy nugs free from the troubles that clones can bring to your room. This variety (60% Sativa, 40% Indica)  requires 60-65 flowering days and yields 400-450 grams per square meter. Underdawg Kush, always surprises everyone with its impressive strength and super-dense frosted trichome layers and has proven to be another stunning representative of the Chemdawg family. The growers end up with huge harvest baskets full of high grade marijuana with a very special complex aroma. That unusual combination of contrary effects is pretty rare and certainly fun for everybody to discover!

After the award show a 3rd Social Clubs Cannabis Cup started in Barcelona, involving 124 registered associations from all around Spain. For the 3rd year in a row, MK-Ultra® Kush won 1st Place for the best Indica from the K-Lite crew.

This year we were also a part of the “Legends of Hashish” in Barcelona which was on Saturday, the next day after the big show at Spannabis. Legends of Hashish is an underground club hash contest that has been going on for more than 20 years. Out of 24 entries we won 2nd Place with Skunkage x Brain T.H.Seeds® Drysift. 

All in all a great winning weekend for T.H.Seeds®!

Cannabis freedom has definitely now spread beyond Holland and throughout the world, and with all the clubs and trade shows happening around Spain, it sure is the new place to be!

What next? The future of T.H.Seeds® looks very bright with a NEW online shop and new strains that we are working on like Roof 95 and the Brain. We are working on test crops right now of some different crosses and ideas which will keep our strains as the best, most potent, medicinal strains available on the planet, for you.