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Darkstar® Kush is one of the most powerful strains in the T.H.Seeds® fleet, famous for its legendary knock out power. This mega Indica not only grows ridiculously dense buds, but the potency is out of this world. Darkstar® Kush is a great plant for those seeking pain relief, appetite enhancement and other wordly activities. Darkstar® Kush is a dream to grow with its high calyx to leave ratio, making it a breeze to manicure. Beautiful dark green Indica structure with lots of side branches. Small internodes and very mold resistant. You can grow Darkstar® Kush in all conditions like soil, coco, hydro and all techniques can be used like sea of green, scrog and topping. She's going to produce large yields and in the middle of flowering, if your room has the right conditions, will turn nice and purple. Around the finish she will turn darker and darker, a real Darkstar®! This is going to be your new favourite Indica!




With two proven parents this combo of Cali super plants just gets better. The O.G. Kush™ we used in this cross has a following of biblical proportions; the S.A.G.E.®, on the other hand, delivers the essential Sativa influence to lift up the sometimes overwhelming Kush effect. With a longer flowering than the O.G. you can expect bigger yields and more elegantly shaped plants. The sandalwood flavor of S.A.G.E.® and the crystal clear high add an extra boost to the almost addictive buzz of the O.G. Kush™.


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Cannabis has come of age. Medicinal uses are at an all time high and everyday new information is reaching the surface. T.H.Seeds® is devoted to bringing the best possible Cannabis medicine to patients world-wide by giving them a chance to produce their own in controlled environments.