MK-Ultra AUTO & MK-Ultra x Bubble

August 4, 2015

MK-Ultra first hit the scene in Amsterdam at the 16th Annual High Times "Conspiracy" Cannabis Cup. This was the first OG Kush to ever be entered in any kind of Cannabis Competition. It won the Indica Cup with its first entry. Since this win every other Indica Cup has been won by an OG Kush cross. Many seed companies used our MK-Ultra genetics to make their own OG Kush strain. MK-Ultra is the Original OG Kush and the "Grandaddy" of them all.

Just because it is the Original OG Kush does not mean it's not still the strongest. She's a powerful medicinal strain with high THC and CBD. This all is a result from the cross of the Original Kush with the legendary G-13. 

At the 2014 Barcelona Social Clubs Cup it once again took 1st Place for Indica. Then once again this year with entries from all over Spain, MK-Ultra wins 1st Place again! We would like to thank K-Lite Social Club for making and entering the winning MK-Ultra the past two years.