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January 11th, 2016

T.H.Seeds® teamed up with the CBD Master Breeder Shantibaba and the CBD crew to develop the highest 1:1 THC/CBD ratio strains. Shantibaba thought that since S.A.G.E® and La S.A.G.E have some of the highest THC % ever tested and almost 0% CBD that these two strains could possibly make up the highest 1:1 ratio THC/CBD strains. Shanti went to work and then provided T.H.Seeds® with 100 test seeds of each CBD strain. Our T.H.Seeds® Grow Master (The T.H.Seeds® Farmer) grew these test CBD seeds out and was amazed at the uniformed and vigorous growth patterns. The finished product yielded big resinous buds with a unique flavor and taste. We then sent samples to be tested by reputable test labs. When we saw the lab results we could not believe how right Shanti was- these two strains are some of the highest 1:1 ratio CBD strains ever tested.


“The S.A.G.E.® and La S.A.G.E. original mothers went through the rigorous breeding and lab testing by the medical defined breeding protocol of CBD crew over a period of 1 year and came out with flying colors as 2 new CBD enriched stable hybrids. Not only did these two strains maintain a high CBD and THC count in the overall final lab tests, they both kept excellent terpene content and have incredible flavor for the end user...welcome and strong newcomers to the CBD crew breeding lines exclusively for T.H.Seeds

S.A.G.E.® CBD & La S.A.G.E. CBD - Typically CBD strains often have a diesel taste but not in the case of these two- these are great tasting medicine.

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