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All seeds are sold as souvenirs to be collected for educational purposes and for protection of the cannabis genetics

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T.H.Seeds™ custom design PACKAGING

To make sure your T.H.Seeds™ reach you in the best possible shape, they are carefully hand selected, placed on a bed of hemp fiber and packed in a unique, custom made TH.Seeds™ light tight and 100% crush proof packaging.

T.H.Seeds™ packs come in FEMINIZED, AUTO and REGULAR, with 2, 5 or 10 seeds.

T.H.Seeds™ seeds are MEDICINAL and AWARD WINNING.
We only grow ORGANIC!

T.H. Seeds AuthenticityT.H. Seeds 100% QualityT.H. Seeds Organic

Special Limited Edition Boxes

T.H. Seeds Regular Drop
T.H. Seeds 25th Anniversary Box
T.H. Seeds AfghaniBerry

This is how we pack your T.H.Seeds™ order