Exclusive CBD line

Releasing two new CBD strains!

T.H.Seeds® teamed up with the CBD Master Breeder Shantibaba and the CBD crew to develop the highest 1:1 THC/CBD ratio strains. Shantibaba thought that since S.A.G.E® and La S.A.G.E have some of the highest THC % ever tested and almost 0% CBD that these two strains could possibly make up the highest 1:1 ratio THC/CBD strains. Shanti went to work and then provided T.H.Seeds® with 100 test seeds of each CBD strain. Our T.H.Seeds® Grow Master (The T.H.Seeds® Farmer) grew these test CBD seeds out and was amazed at the uniformed and vigorous growth patterns. The finished product yielded big resinous buds with a unique flavor and taste. We then sent samples to be tested by reputable test labs. When we saw the lab results we could not believe how right Shanti was- these two strains are some of the highest 1:1 ratio CBD strains ever tested.