akorn aka snowbud

August 8th, 2016

Akorn is a feminized cannabis plant, a cross between an Afghani and a South African plant. It is also known as Snowbud by the growers of the northeastern part of the United States of America, and came to Europe in 1995. It was named Akorn by the American growers who saw it as a great producer, which develops very compact and elongated buds. Moreover, the Snowbud name comes from the large amount of trichomesthat it develops, becoming an excellent genetics for  different resin extractions like Dry Sift, Ice water extractions or BHO.

The plant's structure makes it ideal for growing it indoors  using the SOG technique, since most of the production of the plants is developed in the main cola. It can reach a height of about 1.2-1.5m, being easy to grow not requiring much care to achieve exceptional quality flowers with mold resistance. Its flowering period takes only 55-60 days, time in which it produces compact, heavy buds with a yield of 400-500 gr / m2 indoors. Outdoors, it is a huge high yielder, producing 500-600 gr / plant of dense buds, of course depending on growing conditions and plant's size. It presents spicy and cinnamon scents on a Skunky-sativa background, with an effect perfect for daily activities without clouding the mind.